Debt Consolidation Made Simple


Are you finding that numerous monthly payments such as mortgages, secured and personal loans, credit cards, hire purchase, overdrafts and catalogues are negatively affecting your financial situation and peace of mind?

Then why not consider a ‘TLC’ budgeted consolidation loan? With experienced ‘TLC’ advice you can avoid the minimum repayment trap that credit cards and catalogues apparently offer. Our loans:

  • Offer a range of flexible repayment terms
  • Make life simpler with one monthly payment
  • Reduce your overall monthly commitments
  • Reduce the interest rates payable
  • Pay off your overall debt quicker
  • Free up income for other needs

All this would give you peace of mind. A little ‘TLC’ is exactly what you need.

Photo of lady opening purse

'Whatever your financial needs may be, everyone can benefit from TLC'